NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 9

I’m back, my groove is back and the fog from the past few days has lifted.

I decided to stop myself right before I hit my word count goal for today, because it’s been a couple of heavy days and I need time to get back into my story, to hear my characters and to feel it’s heartbeat.

I also stopped because I’m exhausted. The election was draining, trying to talk my friends out of panic attacks and suicide attempts was hard and I haven’t slept really well in a while.

I did however write more than I expected today. My ideal word goal for today was 4,450 words but I never expected to get so close to reaching it.  I did a lot more than I expected today. So I’m happy and proud of myself.

Hope you guys are safe and well!


expected word count: 4,450 words

actual word count: 3,478 words

total word count: 19,608 words