NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 11


The most realistic quote for this entire endeavor.

I’m back guys and I surpassed my word count goal for the first time this week!


I’m so exhausted now but I’m so happy to be back and into the flow of writing.  Writing has been hard these past few days as tensions in our nation built and drama exploded amongst some of my friends but it’s settling down a bit and I’ve finally been able to release myself to write again.

I can’t believe I’m halfway there! Whoa. Just a little over 25k.

If I’m completely honest, when I first started this novel I wasn’t even sure if I had enough of a vague story idea to even write 10k much less 25k with still so many words to say.

Prayer has played an enormous part in me getting this far and I’m definitely grateful for God’s blessing over my typing fingers.

It’s technically 1 am again as I write this, I know, but this is when my night truly ends.

I still have a long long ways to go but I’m chipping away at the bigger picture and I can begin to see it come to life tonight.

Good night! Sweet dreams!

Stay Safe.


expected word count: 3,177 words

actual word count: 3842 words

total word count:25,094 words