Please, Don’t Leave Me

A short story based on an angst prompt list by @writers-among-stars on tumblr :

1. “Please, just let me help you.”

2. “I don’t need you. I don’t need any of you!”

3. “I had to do it. Before I destroyed something else.”

9. “Stay with me okay? Stay awake!”

10. “Please- don’t leave me.”

13. “Everyone forgets about me. I’m used to it.”


Warnings: angst, character death

Unedited and written in about ten minutes so please have mercy on all my mistakes.


“Meredith! Please!” Desperation rang in his shouts as he raced after her. She paused at the edge of the the field, ready to the rejoin the foray.

“I’m sorry, James,” She whispered as he caught up with her.

“Please -” He sucked a quick breath into his heaving lungs. “Just let me help you.” A tear ran down her mud caked face, and she wiped it away but it was too late. It let a bare streak on her dark skin. “Meredith,” He pleaded. “Please.”

“I don’t need you,” She straightened her shoulders and tried to muster up a glare through her tears as she looked up at him. “I don’t need any of you. I’m always forgotten, okay? I’m used to it.” She kicked at the broken tufts of grass that they stood on, “Everyone forgets about me.”

He shook his head, refusing to take what she offered in her words, “I won’t forget you.”

“You have to,” She wiped the tears from her cheeks one last time before pulling her staffs from their holders on her back. She turned around.

“P-please, don’t leave me – don’t leave us,” He whispered at her tense back.

“I have to, James. Before I destroy something else,” With her solemn last words, she joined the rampaging foray. Her staffs and arms whirling as she took down one deadly monster then another machine who’s only programming was to obliterate.

“I love you, Meredith. I love you,” James whispered, but she never heard the pain and longing in his voice. She never heard his piercing shriek as a bullet pierced her brain and exploded, inside out. She never heard his rage as he tore down every monster in his path. She never heard his sobs, “I love you, baby. Please, stay with me. Stay awake, Meredith – I love you.”

She never heard him say ‘I love you,’ and she never had a chance to give him a response.



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