Pathetic Mortals – Flash Fiction

warning: this is work unedited.

Earth wasn’t anything like she expected. It was small, crowded, and so, so dirty.  Trying to fit 7 billion people into an area smaller than her father’s kingdom, ridiculous. She exchanged a disgusted glance with her boyfriend, Adonis, as another one of the horrendously slow four wheeled vehicle humans were so proud of passed by them, spraying them with toxic levels of heavens-knows-what.

“I told you this was a bad idea, Adonis.”

The alien shrugged, bumping into a lamppost in the process and nearly knocking it over. “This is ridiculous,” He muttered as he gently straightened the post again, must to the shock of the humans around them.  She pushed an elbow into his side and nodded at the crowd that was forming around them. They gave the people weak smiles as they moved on.  The crowd parted steadily for them; mothers pulled back their children as if for protection, and teenagers held up their hands defensively as they walked into each other.

She exchanged an incredulous look with Adonis but he only shrugged as they stepped out into traffic, dodging the noisy vehicles that seemed to scream in utter frustration as they passed. “Mortals are so weird,” She whispered to the boy next to her as they paused in front of a store window.

“They are fearful of everything, Helia, and so superstitious-” Adonis’ sentence broke off as his eye caught a young child’s stare. A smile ghosted the child’s face before she shoved her curly head into her father’s shoulders.

Helia slipped her arm through Adonis’ as she had seen humans do in their curious moving images.  “I don’t know…They are rather quaint aren’t they?”

Adonis let out a loud guffaw, “Couples who judge pathetic mortals together stay together.”

She tried to hide her snicker in his shoulder as the humans around them sent them disapproving looks, but their quick glances and stares only made the situation funnier.

based on the prompt:  “Couples who judge pathetic mortals together stay together.” by @oopsprompts on tumblr.


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