Writing Update – What Happened? Life.

This has been posted on my website, writing blog and tumblr. 

A lot has been going on for me lately; personally, academically, online and mentally.

Those of you who know me from Wattpad know that I posted a new short story collection on Wattpad, then took it down two days later. You may have also noticed that I also took down almost the rest of my stories leaving two still posted. You also realize that on March 1rst I was supposed to reveal the chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel: We Fall Down, it didn’t happened.

What happened?


Those of you who follow me on twitter, may have noticed that I’m not currently active; I’m on hiatus, taking a break. If you haven’t noticed it’s because there are automatic tweets being sent out whenever I post on instagram or on any of my blogs.

What happened?

Life and I’m using Lent as an excuse too, fasting from twitter.

Those of you who follow me on Tumblr, you guys have actually seen a bit of my struggles, though you may not realize it. I completely built a more than full master list, with tens of stories, I’ve never counted how many. But most of those stories are short; anywhere from fifty words to five hundred. The only things I’ve written that are longer are Caffeine Challenge snapshots of We Fall Down. You’ve seen my humorous little posts about writer’s block and struggling and yeah, that’s kind of what I’m going through.

So, yes. I’m still writing but a whole lot of stuff is changing too.

What’s changed?

We Fall Down may be released on Wattpad and Tumblr in May, it may not be. Life happens.
Breathe, my unedited book of poetry, is not being edited and re-released to Wattpad. I’m breaking it up into three books with twenty five to thirty poems each and then releasing them each to Wattpad, most of the poems are already on Tumblr, so I’ll only be reorganizing them so that everything’s easy to find.c14b92b221ea907118c2e5430a4c087a.gif

PROJECT Lemonade, is going to be renamed and it’s also been taken down from Wattpad. Sometime this spring it is a goal to expand and edit afterwards I will be re-leasing each chapter on Tumblr, then on Wattpad.

Jeremiah, Dad’s Dead and Other Short Stories will be posted back on Wattpad, sometime within the next month. I will also be updating it with a short story once a week, and most of the stories will have already been posted on Tumblr at some point but the versions on Wattpad will be edited and extended.

What’s still posted on Wattpad? Breathe and By That Window.

Tentative date for these changes? Sometime this year, I promise, others I have already started working towards.

Why is all of this happening?




I’m a senior this year and I’m trying to finish this summer so I can get a job or two this summer/fall. I can’t keep up with five social media platforms, writing, academics, and me time. I need to have time to relax and just do nothing withou39738788c660a5ac76a7616384f120ad.gift feeling obligated to complete certain self imposed deadlines and expectations. My time management skills are skewed so I’m re-evaluating and changing stuff.

I also haven’t read anything on Wattpad in almost two months. It’s been five months since I’ve read a regular book for pleasure. I haven’t really reviewed a book I’ve loved in over a year.

Something has to change. So I’m loosening the reigns on the stuff that’s causing me stress until I can remember why I fell in love with it, why I started.

My mind just needs a break.

Is anything else changing?


I’m still completing the 100 followers story because it’s something that excites me and I want to say thank you.

I will still randomly roast y’all and myself.

I’m still going to be making stupid posts on Tumblr and I’m still gonna groan when y’all decide you like it and give it a couple hundred notes.

I’m still filling random prompts and showing up in your ask boxes occasionally.

Both of my blogs will have posts released twice a week. I’m continuing my ‘best blogs on tumblr’ series and two new ones about stuff I learned during NaNoWriMo and editing. The posts will, as usual, be around 300 to 500 words depending upon the topic.

Stay Safe.



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