We are strong women!

Happy International Women’s Day!

I just have a few quick words to say.

Ladies, your worth is not based on other people and their opinions of you.

Ladies, your worth is not based on how many followers you have or likes your photos get.

Ladies, We live in a society that thrives on tearing us down until we’re shattered. A society that tells us we’re lesser; tells us we don’t deserve to be confident; tells us that being different is ugly and wrong; tells us we shouldn’t be unique.


photo via my instagram.

Let them through their excuses. Let them scratch at our walls.

Guess what, we are important. We deserve respect.

We are important.

We are valued.

We are loved.

We are equal.

Today we celebrate everything that makes us who we are: our hopes, our quirks, our dreams, our ambitions.

Today we celebrate being women. So keep your head up. You’ve got this, our creator standing with you cheering you on every step of the way.

I love y’all!

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stand Tall.