Becoming a 2016 Heartist on WeHeartIt

Over the past couple of months since I’ve been awarded my badge of honor on weheartit, a social network for sharing inspiring, funny, and uplifting quotes and photos.  Since I announced I was honored as a 2016 heartist on Twitter and Instagram,  I’ve had a couple of curious people message me, wondering how I became a heartist.

It was never my intention to become a heartist on weheartit, in fact I only had my account for about six months when I was informed that I given the badge of a heartist.

So how did I become a heartist in such a short amount of time? To be completely honest, I’m not even 100% sure.  After about a week of thought, this is why I think, I have become a heartist.

I’m Active

I’m on weheartit nearly every day, hearting other people’s images and adding them to my collections.  On any social media it helps to be active. Not only adding your own images but checking out and liking/hearting other people’s images.

I didn’t tend to add a lot images from the web. I had only added about 500 images -when I was given the badge – which coupled with my total number of hearted images at the time, only amounted to about 1.3 to 1.2%. I have changed that more recently as I have found things that I would like to share with my followers and those on weheartit. Still, I re-heart other people’s images that I enjoy, or that fit in with my collections.

I Create Collections


snapshot of my most popular and 2nd oldest collection: Can’t Stop Laughing.

Every collection is directed to a certain subject, aesthetic, etc.  I have 41 collections now, everything from mental health (Mind Games) to funny stuff (Can’t Stop Laughing) to fandom stuff (For Fandoms Everywhere, Sherlock, Marvelous Marvel, Pentatonix).  The witty, sometimes awkwardly punny titles catch people’s eyes and I make sure the content within those collections stands up to the names.

I Connect with My Followers

When I first reached 1k followers last summer, I sent out a postcard to every single one of my followers, letting them know how much I appreciated them. Yeah, it took about an hour, but it was so worth it, to see their reactions and to chat with some of them.

Nothing I’ve said guarantees that you become a heartist and I will not give you a formula to get a pink star badge.

Focus on having fun.

Post stuff that you like, in ways that makes sense to you, stuff that inspires you.

I became a heartist by being active and hearting stuff that I really like, admire, and/or made me smile. There’s a vast variety to what I heart.  I have a collection called ‘Can’t Stop Laughing’ that I have filled, nearly daily, with things I find funny. I have another collection called ‘Self Love & Confidence’ that is filled with phrases and quotes to help someone feel better about themselves. I tend to focus on making people feel better, empowered; giving them an escape from their stress, that’s what weheartit is.

I know other heartists who only heart stuff in their aesthetic because that’s what they like, are inspired by, and want to see. Add your unique flavorful voice to the canopy of weheartit, we’re more than happy to have you.

Stay Safe.



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