By That Window – Poem

It was by that window

where dreams came true,

where life was fought

and life was lost.

The cherry wood sill,

stained with blood and paint

worn by warm hands, pens,

and carved by relentless tears.

It was by that window

where I found my first love,

where pain held me in a stranglehold,

where lies spilled over their dam.

Burns litter the sill,

first kiss, first cut

first words, first heartbreak.


It’s by that window

on that childhood sill,

the door to realms

unknown to human eyes

but known to the innocent tumble of young minds,

where I scratch my last words.


The scars that decorate my heart, heal.

The walls I’ve built sky high, crumble.

I sit amongst the dust of the past,

reminisce the life that happened,

on that cheery wood sill.


It’s by that window

that I draw my last breath,

a full circle, now complete.

Memories spiral before my closed eyes,

the sun smiles on,

mistakes and triumphs make amends.

I give in, to the waves.


Life blinks, once, twice….



It’s by that very window,

that I die.

I become free once again,

My soul floats ever heavenward.

I blow one last kiss,

to my dear childhood frenemy.


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