Wind, Sand, and Stars – Book Review

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Warning: possible spoilers

I’ll admit I wasn’t a big fan of ‘Wind, Sand and Stars’ when I first started reading it. Now that I’ve closed it’s pages, I don’t love it but it’s not as bad as I first thought it was.  I’m giving it four stars because it was a solid book with vivid descriptions, beautifully written lines, and interesting philosophical beliefs embedded in it’s lines.

However, the prose and writing style that made this story so unique, may have also been it’s partial downfall, in my opinion.

Reading ‘Wind, Sand and Stars’ was like reading heavy poetry, the kind where you can analyse two lines and uncover an entire universe, and while it’s a nice thing to have in a book, it needs to be balanced.  There needs to be shorter sentences, bits of telling instead of showing; at delicate balance, I’m afraid our author tipped the scales.  Instead of drawing me into his imagination and his circumstances, the pages were too slippery and I found myself falling out of the story, struggling to keep my eyes on the page and my head in the story.

It did get better –

After chapter five. In the copy I have there are only ten chapters, word of advice to writers: draw your readers into the story before it’s half over.

I love the snapshots, characters, and little stories that he folds into this story. At first they didn’t seem connected but I began to realize that every little story he told, gave us a vision into his worldview. His explanations for human nature, for the ways of the sky and the sea, built upon the tragedies he’s seen and walked through as a pilot.

This book is a collection of stories essentially, speaking of the wonder and marvel of the world and its inhabitants. The author marvels at the people he meets and impact they make on his narrow view of the world. He talks of the dangers and troubles he saw and encountered. Then he slowly weaves it together with yarns of the magnificent world we are gifted to explore, enjoy, and care for

So yes, while there were stylized matters that bothered me, over all it was a good, solid read. I definitely recommend you read it. Even if I had only given this one star, I would still recommend you read it. It’s always good to ponder another man’s perspective on life.

Stay Safe.