Writing Update – New Stories?

I’m writing actively again!


In a previous post, I talked about life and writing. The post was riddled with self doubt, sadness, and writer’s block. Now two weeks later I’ve got a new writing project under way, and dearly loved, while I’m taking a break from regular writing stuff.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Tumblr lately about writers rediscovering why they love writing. I too have fallen prey to the ‘omg, I’m not getting any feedback, no one likes my story’.  It’s so easy to fall into the trap of regular updates (once you get an audience) and nail biting when it comes to posting your writing.

But I fell in love with writing because I was bored, and now I’m rediscovering the joy that writing brings me.

A fellow writeblr (writer on tumblr) challenged me to write a superhero story when I was agonizing over what to write for my 100 followers Tumblr celebration. I’ve only had my current Tumblr account for a few months so to have – now over 140 followers- and a pretty popular post with over 2.1k reblogs/likes, it blows my mind. So, of course I wanted everything to be perfect.

But nothing about art ever is perfect. It’s all subjective. It’s all open to interpretation. And that’s what sets art aside from something more rigid and strict, like math. That’s why I love art – although, I do admit it’s a bit frustrating at times.

Now I’ve posted the second part of my superhero story and I’m having a blast! The past few months have seen me stepping out into the action/adventure genre for the first time ever and writing a superhero story is testing my limits, but it’s fun. I love it, even when I’m agonizing over how I’m gonna set up certain parts of world building/history – read: why and how people in my new universe get superpowers.

So what new horizons are you exploring in your writing journey?

Stay Safe.