To Be A Hero – The Message Behind the Story

I’ve got a new story in the works, up on Wattpad and on Tumblr called To Be A Hero.

I was challenged by a friend and fellow writeblr (@gingerly-writing) – a writer on tumblr to write a superhero story, something completely out of my comfort zone.  I’ve only kind of started stepping into the whole superhero thing in general a couple months ago with No Capes on Wattpad and the release of Dr. Strange (My all time favorite male actor: Benedict Cumberbatch. Whoop!).

So, after about a week and a half (maybe even more) of hem-hawing I wrote the first chapter of a superhero story.

The main message behind the story ‘what does it mean to be a superhero?’ is kind of me having an inside joke with myself and the characters. While I wrote a comprehensive essay on super-heroism for my film class and a hero speech in my speech class, the line between superheroes and heroes has stumped me. So, I made that line the main theme or message, I guess, that I hope will carry out through out the story (It probably won’t until rewrites, but it’s the thought that counts, right?).

Synopsis and Cover

the lonetraveller.pngWhat makes this little mixed chick sidekick a superhero rather than a hero?

What makes her different from the firefighters and police she sees all the time?

Is she really a superhero if the public has been taught to fear and mistrust those who don the mask in the name of justice?

She doesn’t have any superpowers, her friend does, but she’s just as ordinary as a pebble on a gravel road.

Our heroine, Ramona, is dragged into the middle of a nasty custody battle by her best friend. A best friend who kicked her out of her life for five months and just recently revealed she’s a superhero. A best friend that expects things to go back to normal right away. Ramona’s okay with freaky, but she’s always been a color inside the lines kind of kid.

Through ‘kidnapping’ babies, dealing with ex boyfriends, trying to figure out what all Faith’s new found powers are (aka figure out ways to keep her out of trouble), and trying to stay out the public eye; Ramona has to figure out what it means to be a superhero.

This story was also a chance for me to once again bring some diversity in a genre where everyone’s lily white with blue eyes and brown hair. Our main character is mixed (like me!) and her best friend is black, I’ll be introducing other characters throughout the story with ethnicities that are yet to be seen but I’ll figure it out when I get there. Ahh, it feel so good to be pantsing again, it’s been a couple of years.

Wattpad Campaigns

You may have noticed a few little colorful badges on my book’s cover. Correction: you should have. Those badges bring awareness and support to a few Wattpad Campaigns and hashtags.


This is a Wattpad Campaign to include people of color in fiction and literature. There isn’t much people of color representation in fiction on Wattpad, this campaign is one of the many ways we’re looking to change that norm.

Representation matters, especially to teenagers who want to see people like them in well written stories that they’ll love.


This Wattpad Campaign works to renew superhero stories in fiction: “the world needs heroes, whether they possess super abilities like speed, telekinesis, or mind control, or super qualities such as bravery, courage and strength.”

Until recently, over the past year I guess, there weren’t any good original superhero stories. Yes, there were a few Marvel or DC fanfictions but that was it, this campaign works to bring them into the spotlight of fiction making these stories real competitors.


Written in Action was brought about to support writers in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, and Action, genres that don’t tend to be very popular on Wattpad.

Wattpad used to be (It’s slowly getting better thanks to campaigns like this and preserving writers.) predominately Romance, Werewolf, and Fanfiction stories. This hashtag helps those who aren’t interested in those genres find books they might actually like

I hope that you guys will spare a minute or two and check out my story or at least check out these campaigns. They’ve made a world of difference to not only my life but the lives of many others.

Stay Safe.






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