Breathe (A Collection of Poetry)- The Message Behind the Poems

In a writing and editing update post I talked about how I’m breaking up my poetry book Breathe into three separate books.  I didn’t go into much detail, I only mentioned (I think) that it would be released in March.

Now, I have a bit more time to go into why I’m doing this and what the message is behind these poetry books.

I started Breathe about a year and a half ago now, since then it’s gotten over 2k views, way more than I ever expected from a rough hodge podge of pain, angst, and fear. After the little hype over my collection was over and I closed it’s pages, I toyed with taking it down. Then I tried to post and start a sequel,  I took it down. I tried another poetry book, I took it down. Nothing felt right. So I left the book alone and focused on me, my current writing projects and ignored the little buzz in the back of the room.

It wasn’t until this March, when I was playing around with Canva making sample book covers, that the realization struck me. It was time to organize the mess and turn all the ugliness into something that was collectively beautiful, a small series of stories of sort.

This May I will be releasing all the poems, and a few extras, from Breathe into three new poetry books:





May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the books will be launched on May 7 the first day of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week (May 7 –13, 2017).

As I was rereading the poems and posting them slowly but surely to my Tumblr I noticed a theme amongst my poems; some were about emotional things, some were about feeling empowered despite your bad mental state, others were about loving yourself, some were about standing up to stereotypes and hate, etc. What brought them all together was that they were are all written during a time in my life where I was struggling a lot mentally and emotionally. For a time poetry was my outlet.

I realized that all these poems speak very plainly of what it’s like to struggle, they could be an excellent example to those who don’t, an excellent way to raise awareness to a problem so many struggle with.

These books will also be sporting a few hashtags and campaign badges from Wattpad:


This Wattpad Campaign was started to “help promote the acceptance of body and skin types, conditions, disorders and illnesses that are not usually depicted in books.”


This Wattpad Campaign was started because of an alarming trend growing in media and stories, abuse happening in stories and real lives that people may not even realize.


This Wattpad Campaign is an effort to stand up to cyber bullying, a growing problem and crime amongst the internet.


I hope, come may, you too will join us to raise awareness to the growing mental illness and what the battle is like inside our minds.  This is my way of reaching people, through stories. I pray you’ll find your way.

Stay Safe.








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