To Be A Hero

To Be A Hero

the lonetravellerWhat makes this little mixed chick sidekick a superhero rather than a hero?

What makes her different from the firefighters and police she sees all the time?

Is she really a superhero if the public has been taught to fear and mistrust those who don the mask in the name of justice?

She doesn’t have any superpowers, her friend does, but she’s just as ordinary as a pebble on a gravel road.

Our heroine, Ramona, is dragged into the middle of a nasty custody battle by her best friend. A best friend who kicked her out of her life for five months and just recently revealed she’s a superhero. A best friend that expects things to go back to normal right away. Ramona’s okay with freaky, but she’s always been a color inside the lines kind of kid.

Through ‘kidnapping’ babies, dealing with ex boyfriends, trying to figure out what all Faith’s new found powers are (aka figure out ways to keep her out of trouble), and trying to stay out the public eye; Ramona has to figure out what it means to be a superhero.



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