Breathe (A Collection of Poetry)- The Message Behind the Poems

In a writing and editing update post I talked about how I’m breaking up my poetry book Breathe into three separate books.  I didn’t go into much detail, I only mentioned (I think) that it would be released in March.

Now, I have a bit more time to go into why I’m doing this and what the message is behind these poetry books.

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We are strong women!

Happy International Women’s Day!

I just have a few quick words to say.

Ladies, your worth is not based on other people and their opinions of you.

Ladies, your worth is not based on how many followers you have or likes your photos get.

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Self Love – It’s Not Always Pretty or Neat

Disclaimer: Some parts of this post are cross posted both here, on my writing blog, and on my tumblr.  Self love is different for every person, just as it will be for each of your characters. This is a brief post, as such I am brief in my descriptions and reasoning. I may expand at a later point. There are also two kind-of-almost swear words in here, so…

I often see self love romanticized and of all the things writers tend to romanticize, this one upsets me the most because it can make people who struggle with self love feel worse. It’s damaging and harmful to your audience, in this case I recommend you do valiant research if you don’t struggle with or understand self love.

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Mental Health Break

Last night I had a really, really bad anxiety attack and because of it I got really paranoid and did a bunch of stuff that was really stupid.  So I’m taking a break from tumblr and twitter (as much of my social media as I can) until I can get my senses back and I recover.

I dont know what triggered the attack and since I haven’t had one this bad in a couple years I think it’s best that I take a break from all of my social media.

I’ll still be doing NaNoWriMo (I will not, however, complete this month’s #JustWriteIt Challenge)  and I’ll still be writing poetry/lyrics but I will not be publishing any of it on Wattpad or Tumblr. My PTX acounts and blogs do have posts and stuff queued for you guys and my official tumblr (@elisalromagnoli) also has a few queued posts too.

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