Becoming a 2016 Heartist on WeHeartIt

Over the past couple of months since I’ve been awarded my badge of honor on weheartit, a social network for sharing inspiring, funny, and uplifting quotes and photos.  Since I announced I was honored as a 2016 heartist on Twitter and Instagram,  I’ve had a couple of curious people message me, wondering how I became a heartist.

It was never my intention to become a heartist on weheartit, in fact I only had my account for about six months when I was informed that I given the badge of a heartist.

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We are strong women!

Happy International Women’s Day!

I just have a few quick words to say.

Ladies, your worth is not based on other people and their opinions of you.

Ladies, your worth is not based on how many followers you have or likes your photos get.

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