Chit Chat: Writing & Editing Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve chatted with y’all on this blog and I decided it’s time to take a quick moment to update y’all on my current work in progress and just life in general.

I’m sure the are a whole slew of other things that I’ve done this past month, but I’m just writing down the most important of them on the subject of writing.

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Caffeine Challenge 2/11

I did the Caffeine Challenge this afternoon! The Caffeine Challenge is a one hour writing warm up hosted by caffeinewitchcraft on tumblr. Basically we’re given a prompt and then we all have to write for an hour.

I was inspired by one of the prompts that I was sure I could fit into my NaNoWriMo WIP that I am almost finished with. Please note that this is unedited, written in 60 minutes and when I’m writing a first draft I sometimes just put notes directly into the story, if you notice it, don’t worry it won’t be there once it’s edited. So, yes, it’s cringy but whatever: enjoy the story sneak peak.


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Tagged on Tumblr!

Hey all!

I was scrolling through my dash and a wonderful tumblr blogger tagged ‘anyone who feels like doing this challenge’ to answer a few questions and continue the chain.  I’ve enjoyed doing these chain games – although most chain games I participate in are fandom related – so I decided to give this one a shot.

I’ve also posted this on my tumblr, I’m just posting here for the other couple hundred people who don’t follow me there (elisalromagnoli).

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Chit Chat – 2016: The Highlights


An incredible year.
For some of us 2016 was amazing; for others it was terrible and stressful; and for some it was: ‘meh.’
I meant to start this scribble a long while ago and post it on New Year’s Eve but I didn’t feel like the timing was right; now, I think it is. We’ve opened up a new book, full of crisp white pages ready to be filled at out leisure.
Let’s make the most of these pages.

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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 11


The most realistic quote for this entire endeavor.

I’m back guys and I surpassed my word count goal for the first time this week!


I’m so exhausted now but I’m so happy to be back and into the flow of writing.  Writing has been hard these past few days as tensions in our nation built and drama exploded amongst some of my friends but it’s settling down a bit and I’ve finally been able to release myself to write again.

I can’t believe I’m halfway there! Whoa. Just a little over 25k.

If I’m completely honest, when I first started this novel I wasn’t even sure if I had enough of a vague story idea to even write 10k much less 25k with still so many words to say.

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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 9

I’m back, my groove is back and the fog from the past few days has lifted.

I decided to stop myself right before I hit my word count goal for today, because it’s been a couple of heavy days and I need time to get back into my story, to hear my characters and to feel it’s heartbeat.

I also stopped because I’m exhausted. The election was draining, trying to talk my friends out of panic attacks and suicide attempts was hard and I haven’t slept really well in a while.

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NaNoWriMo 2016 – Day 7

Today is a new day and the beginning of a new week so let’s set some goals. At least 15k more words written or about 30 to 32k should be my word count next Sunday night.  It’s also a Monday which means I’ll be nursing a headache, balancing music notes and wishing I didn’t procrastinate so much this weekend, let’s not hope for too much just yet.

One thing I have learned this past week is to always start my writing sessions with prayer.  Whether just a few paragraphs or a few chapters, it always helps the process to go a million times smoother when you ask for God’s guidance and patience before you begin.

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