Don’t Pretend With Me – Flash Fiction

Based on a prompt set by @dialogue-prompts on tumblr: “I’m fine.” “I know you’re not, you don’t have to-” “I’m fine! Ok!? Can you just leave it please!?” This work is unedited. “I’m fine, Hunter,” She whispered. An incredulous look flashed across his face as he stepped closer to her. A thick veil of black … Continue reading Don’t Pretend With Me – Flash Fiction

Please, Don’t Leave Me

A short story based on an angst prompt list by @writers-among-stars on tumblr : 1. “Please, just let me help you.” 2. “I don’t need you. I don’t need any of you!” 3. “I had to do it. Before I destroyed something else.” 9. “Stay with me okay? Stay awake!” 10. “Please- don’t leave me.” … Continue reading Please, Don’t Leave Me

Caffeine Challenge 2/11

I did the Caffeine Challenge this afternoon! The Caffeine Challenge is a one hour writing warm up hosted by caffeinewitchcraft on tumblr. Basically we're given a prompt and then we all have to write for an hour. I was inspired by one of the prompts that I was sure I could fit into my NaNoWriMo … Continue reading Caffeine Challenge 2/11