Writing Update – New Stories?

I’m writing actively again!


In a previous post, I talked about life and writing. The post was riddled with self doubt, sadness, and writer’s block. Now two weeks later I’ve got a new writing project under way, and dearly loved, while I’m taking a break from regular writing stuff.

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My Precious Baby – Poem


To honor the thousands of African Americans who were lynched in America. They were loved ones, sweethearts, and most importantly people yet they were murdered many times for nothing more than the fact that their skin was darker than white people’s skin. This is for all those who are unknown, nobody knows their names, nobody knows who’s loved one they were; this is for the ones who we do know, who do have names, because it makes even more real, that someone knew who they were. They had family and communities who grieved over their cold bodies. This is for them:

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Best Books on Wattpad 2016 – My Top Ten Picks of the Year

I’ve read a lot of books the past year and a fair share of them were on Wattpad. These are the Wattpad books that made my 2016. They made me laugh, think, cry and scream in frustration. I read some of them over and over again, and they all hold special places in my heart.

I started this list back in the beginning of December and it took me a little while but I narrowed the books, in my library and archive, down to my top ten Wattpad books of 2016. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be.

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Exciting News For 2017


Just a few chapters left to write!

It’s been a couple of dry weeks without much happening, well online at least.  I haven’t posted any of my weekly updates.  It’s my last year of fall finals, midterms, papers, and projects. If I had posted any updates I’m sure they would have all been nonsensical screams of ‘ahhhh’.

I decided to spare y’all.  Like I said at the end of NaNoWriMo, my words were drained from me during the month of November.

Now I’m back and I’m active once again on all of my social media!  If you follow me on my Twitter and Wattpad than you’ve already heard some of the news for the new year!

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Silent Stories Said

I am not a talker.

I hate talking. No, I detest it.

I’m still a storyteller though and that’s why I write, that’s why I splice together .mov and .mp4 clips into movies and that’s why I take pictures.  Despite the fact that I hate talking I still love communicating, just with hands and tools not my lips.  I’ve learned to use my words in other creative ways.

I think that’s why I decided to challenge myself with NaNoWriMo this month. I want to see all those words that I bottle up in everyday conversations and speeches come out.  I’m vomiting my mind onto paper for a month and after the past week and half it’s probably the best thing I can do for my mind and my heart.

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