Don’t Pretend With Me – Flash Fiction

Based on a prompt set by @dialogue-prompts on tumblr: “I’m fine.” “I know you’re not, you don’t have to-” “I’m fine! Ok!? Can you just leave it please!?” This work is unedited. “I’m fine, Hunter,” She whispered. An incredulous look flashed across his face as he stepped closer to her. A thick veil of black … Continue reading Don’t Pretend With Me – Flash Fiction

Caffeine Challenge 2/11

I did the Caffeine Challenge this afternoon! The Caffeine Challenge is a one hour writing warm up hosted by caffeinewitchcraft on tumblr. Basically we're given a prompt and then we all have to write for an hour. I was inspired by one of the prompts that I was sure I could fit into my NaNoWriMo … Continue reading Caffeine Challenge 2/11

My Precious Baby – Poem

  To honor the thousands of African Americans who were lynched in America. They were loved ones, sweethearts, and most importantly people yet they were murdered many times for nothing more than the fact that their skin was darker than white people's skin. This is for all those who are unknown, nobody knows their names, … Continue reading My Precious Baby – Poem

Exciting News For 2017

It's been a couple of dry weeks without much happening, well online at least.  I haven't posted any of my weekly updates.  It's my last year of fall finals, midterms, papers, and projects. If I had posted any updates I'm sure they would have all been nonsensical screams of 'ahhhh'. I decided to spare y'all. … Continue reading Exciting News For 2017